PLD 1600 - hydraulic batching

Gas-Powered Concrete Mixer

Rated 1 out of 5 by Trailbuilder58 Pot metal and poor design I purchased two of these for an 18 yard pour. They didn't make it past the fifth yard. I ended up hand mixing to finish out the day. The following day, I rented two electric mixers manufactured by Kushlan which were identical in every way save for the drive and they worked wonderfully. It seems their gas powered design was a poorly thought out attempt at changing the power source of their electric mixer. Problem specifics: 1. Poor instructions for assembly. They could have sent a random coloring book and it would have been as helpful as the, "instructions, " that came with the unit. The unit was shipped missing parts necessary for it's function. 2. Belt tension must be adjusted after every three batches. This involves loosening three bolts, prying the whole engine assembly down and out, and re-tightening. It takes 2-3 people and 5-10 minutes. The belt tension adjustment desperately needs a re-design. 3. The pulley that attaches to the engine arbor is made of pot metal. After six hours of use the set screw was blown out and the splines had all sheared off. We only mixed 240lbs at a time and the mixer is supposed to handle 300lb batches. This part should be made of steel. 4. Small fuel tank. Must dump concrete to refuel even if it isn't mixed. Refuel often to avoid this inconvenience. 5. The engine shut off gets clogged with concrete dust and stops working. Must choke to stop. This would be a great mixer if these issues get resolved. October 27, 2016

Rated 4 out of 5 by creeder64 Would purchase again This is a good mixer. The good: -easy to handle -easy to start -strong enough to handle day to day work if its taken care of The bad: -assembly directions are very bad -blades do not mix thorough (as with most mixers like this) operator still needs to hit mix with a shovel but not too much -belt tension design is poor and I can foresee many onsite adjustments ..keep a wrench with the machine Like I said above this is still a good mixer but it would be nice if the manufacturer put a little more thought into these issues August 1, 2014

Rated 3 out of 5 by CFNP GAS MIXER The mixer itself works fine. You better have a degree in mechanical engineering when you get it. Directions are VERY SPARSE. Holes predrilled are not all in the right place. Once you finally get it together it works as it is supposed to. February 10, 2014

Rated 5 out of 5 by rdbm2 Great! This mixer is just the ticket we needed to make repairs in the field, light weight to load in the back of the truck, very dependable it cranks on 2nd or 3rd pull even when cold. The mixing tub will mix just the right amount of concrete and allow one person to manuever it where it need to be poured. Our company has had this mixer for 8 months now and use it 2 to 3 times a month with out a problem, except to replace the drive belt. Looks like this mixer will last a good long time. And it's easy to clean up too! February 4, 2014

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