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Even if the snow hasn't started falling where you are, it still pays to be prepared!

Here are 25 things to keep in mind when planning your facility's winter maintenance checklist:

1. Keep walkways, doorways, stairways and high-traffic areas free of clutter and debris.

2. Keep sidewalks, walkways and rooftops free of ice and snow. Snow melting mats are an efficient and convenient way to prevent snow and ice accumulation around a facility and help reduce slip-and-fall accidents. Look for products that are portable and designed to be left outside for the entire winter season.

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In this interview with Charles Glossop, owner and general manager of Hantho Farms, a snow removal and landscaping company in Rockford, Minnesota, we'll learn all about pre-treatment and the use of brine as an integral part of a snow and ice management plan. Thank you, Charles, for sharing your thoughts with us!

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In this interview with Matt Peterson, President of Mills Insurance Group and Snow Removal Insurance Brokerage, we’ll discuss risk management and insurance for the snow and ice management industry.

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We’ve shared their Key Performance Indicator checklist for snow removal with you, we’ve recommended them as a resource for training your team for snow removal, and we consistently turn to them to stay up to date on new trends and great information in the snow and ice world.

Recently, they’ve released another such great resources-a Standard Glossary of Terms for snow and ice professionals.

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Winter is officially upon us, many parts of the country have already been blanketed in snow, and your facility’s commercial snow removal plan has likely gone into effect already-or else is primed to do so at any moment.

We know that often, that plan involves outsourcing snow removal to hired contractors. At this point you’ve likely weighed the pros and cons of hiring a third party vs. using an in-house crew, and decided the extent to which you’ll use a commercial snow removal contractor-whether for all of your facility’s snow and ice needs, just after heavier storms, only in certain areas, etc.

But who should you choose for the job?

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When it comes to fast, efficient snow and ice removal on facility grounds, effective communication is critical to achieving success. Even with all the necessary equipment and a fully trained staff, snow removal efforts will hit snags and miss deadlines when the communication structure is slow, confusing, or completely absent.

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As a facility manager, you understand that winter weather can hit without warning, and that even when the forecasts are accurate, your operations can be halted in the aftermath of a major storm. Even more routine winter precipitation events, be it snow, hail, or freezing drizzle, require a high degree of organization, intense labor, and fully functional equipment to deal with the weather efficiently.

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Snow removal at your facility requires detailed planning to be optimally effective. A "snow-site engineering plan" refers to a plan that maps out in advance where to plow and pile snow, what areas to always keep snow-free, where the loading and supply zones are located, and what aspects of the snow removal task to prioritize.

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Large scale snow and ice removal efforts are nearly impossible without a full warehouse of mechanical equipment constantly at your disposal. Selecting superior pieces of machinery and then keeping them in top condition is essential for efficient and cost-effective snow removal and optimal maintenance.

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