India Vibratory Road Roller

Old Road Roller

'Speedcrafts' 3-wheeled Diesel Road Roller, Model DRR/10 (4 speed) & Model DRR-3/10 (3 speed), capacity 8/10 tonnes, generally conforming to IS : 5502 of 1988.

Chassis & Frame
Fabricated out of mild structural steel conforming to IS : 226/IS : 2062 Gr. A, electrically welded and all joints checked and tested to performance. Easy accessibility to all parts for overhaul and inspection is given utmost importance in design of these Diesel Road Rollers.

Prime Mover
Powered by Simpson S-4(I) / Kirloskar RB-33 water-cooled Diesel Engine with 12 volt electric starting system and an alternative hand start arrangement.

The Clutch, Gearbox and Differential are integrated in a single unit. The clutch is of the heavy automotive double acting type, controlled by a single hand lever. A forward or backward movement of the lever gives a smooth and instantaneous corresponding direction of travel to the roller in any gear setting. The gears, pinions and shafts of these Diesel Road Compactors are housed in a mild steel fabricated gearbox and are manufactured out of special and recommended alloy steels. A differential locking arrangement is provided and is operated from the driver's seat.

Oil splash in gearbox and easily accessible grease nipples, cups and oiling holes.

Fabricated out of mild steel plates conforming to IS: 226/IS : 2062 Gr. A and electrically welded and tested.

Fully self-wrapping, external contracting type, fitted with replaceable brake linings and adjustable; controlled by a foot-pedal or hand-wheel independently.

Easily operated mechanical steering comprising of worm shaft and gear. It is designed to give jerk free movement to the front rolls.

Front Roll Yoke
Mild steel fabricated construction, with an efficient and strong built-in pivot, designed to withstand sudden jerks and loads.

Adjustable & reversible scrapers are fitted to cover the entire width of all rolls.

All controls are within easy reach of the operator from a comfortable driver's seat.

Pressure Balancing Device
A sliding weight in the chassis, operated by a handle, is provided to vary pressure on the front and rear rolls.

Made of steel sheets lined with hardboard and provided with side and end canvas curtains.

Water Tank & Sprinklers
A fixed pump is provided for feeding water into the water tank which leads to the sprinklers above each wheel controlled by a wheel valve.

A bird-mouth with draw-pin is bolted to the rear of the chassis for towing trailers etc.

Tool Box
Provided at the rear of the roller with a standard set of tools in a canvas tool-bag.

Arrangement for ballasting the roller with either sand or water is provided in all the rolls.

Our Diesel road roller carry a warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of twelve months or 1, 000 working hours, whichever is earlier, from the date of sale.

Fully enclosed cabin, hydraulic steering, scarifier, cold-starting equipment, higher horsepower engine for high altitudes etc. may be provided at an extra cost with this Diesel Road Compactor.

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