Wirtgen Cold Milling Machine

Wirtgen Cold milling machine

  • Powerful, compact cold milling machine mounted on crawler tracks
  • For the removal of individual pavement layers or complete carriageway structures at depths of up to 32 cm in one single pass
  • Powerful engine
  • Front loading of the milled material via the two-stage conveyor system
  • Machine's low weight ensures easy transport.

Find out about the components of WIRTGEN large milling machines

  1. Levelling

    • Large choice of sensors
      LEVEL PRO automatic levelling system as standard equipment, offering a large choice of sensors and highly precise control of the milling depth.
    • Slope control sensor
      Slope control sensor for the milling of predefined pavement cross slopes.
    • Multiplex-System
      The multiplex system analyses the readout of three sensors on each side of the machine to ensure maximum surface evenness.

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  2. Milling drum unit

      Optional FCS Light for the quick replacement of milling drums.
    • HT22 quick-change toolholder system
      Extra-efficient, tried-and-tested HT22 quick-change toolholder system as standard equipment.
    • Powerful water spray system
      Powerful water spray system for optimum tool cooling.
    • Hydraulic replacement of cutting tools
      Hydraulic cutting tool driver and extractor for quick tool replacement.

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  3. Operator's platform

    • Ample space on the operator's platform
      Walk-through operator's platform for high operator comfort and performance.
    • Canopy
      Canopy with hydraulic fold-down feature for maximum weather protection.
    • Operator comfort
      Central control panel with controls arranged on the left and right; driver's seat can be moved to project over the edge of the machine on the right.
  4. Machine frame

    • Perfect visibility
      Compact machine frame design for maximum manoeuvrability and a perfect view of the milling edge.
    • Ergonomics
      Ergonomically designed, backlit controls for non-tiring, productive working.
    • Ease of transport
      Ease of transport is ensured by low machine weight.
    • Transport safety
      Numerous lashing lugs enable the machine to be securely lashed down on the flatbed truck.
  5. Drive system

    • All-track steering
      Smooth hydraulic all-track steering system featuring large steering angles for maximum manoeuvrability.
    • Traction control
      Automatically engageable hydraulic traction control for milling regardless of ground conditions.
    • Height-adjustable track units
      Four separately hydraulically height-adjustable track units provide ample ground clearance.
    • Continuously adjustable travel speed
      Continuously adjustable travel speed in both milling and travel gear; automatically engaging maximum milling speed control.
  6. Conveyor system

    • Wide slewing angles
      Conveyor slewing angles of 45° to either side optimize the loading process.
    • Tremendous conveying capacity
      High conveyor loading capacity and drive power for highly effcient material loading.
    • Folding conveyor with locking mechanism
      Folding conveyor with intelligent mechanical locking mechanism for easy transport.
  7. Engine station

    • Powerful diesel engine
      Powerful fuel efficient Mercedes engine for high production rates.
    • Engine management
      Fully electronic engine management system for optimum torque stability.
    • Soundproofing
      Highly effective soundproofing of the entire engine compartment for environmentally responsible operation.

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Detailed information about the W 1900

Model W 1900
Milling width 2, 000 mm6 ′ 7 ″
Milling depth 0 mm - 320 mm - 13 ″
Engine power 350 kW / 476 PS350 kW / 469 HP
Emission standards EU Stage 3a / US Tier 3, CN Stage 3EU Stage 3a / US Tier 3, CN Stage 3
Operating weight, CE * 26, 680 kg58, 819 lbs
Number of crawler tracks
W 1900 Milling width 2, 000 mm6 ′ 7 ″ Milling depth 0 mm - 320 mm - 13 ″ Engine power 350 kW / 476 PS350 kW / 469 HP Emission standards EU Stage 3a / US Tier 3, CN Stage 3EU Stage 3a / US Tier 3, CN Stage 3 Operating weight, CE * 26, 680 kg58, 819 lbs Number of crawler tracks 4
W 2000 W 220 W 200 / W 200i

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