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Best suited for lifting large and excessively heavy loads, lattice boom cranes are a top equipment selection for many construction companies. With the additional advantage of a truck mounted crane, the lattice boom truck crane offers several distinct features that sets it apart from other cranes in a fleet and makes it a popular rental.

The lattice boom is a type of arm on a crane that is raised and lowered by a series of mechanically-powered guy wires, enabling it to lift sizable objects. The lattice shape, which is created with multiple lightweight intermeshing alloy or steel rods, provide the boom with the support to lift substantial objects that would cause strain on a typical crane boom. And unlike crawler cranes, which must be assembled and then disassembled at every job site it travels to, truck cranes provide a high level of mobility with easy transportation from one location to another. Capable of traveling on the highway, the need for special equipment to transport a crane is eliminated. Click on one of the categories below to view Crane Service Inc's inventory:

Lift Capacity and Boom Length Requirements

When it comes to selecting your truck mounted lattice boom crane rental, make sure you do your homework and understand your capacity and boom needs. Start with analyzing your future projects to determine the ideal lift capacity and boom length requirements you’ll need. Only using the crane for a single project makes this step easier, but planning ahead to be able to employ one crane for multiple applications will not only save you money, but also the time you’d use to acquire another rental.

Understand the various boom mounting options, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each setup. Crane booms are available in two configurations: standard and rear mount. A standard mount boom crane is the most common and cost effective arrangement, with the boom located directly behind the truck’s cab. A rear mount boom crane is located at the back of the truck bed, which allows the crane operator to get closer to the work area. However, this configuration requires more bed space and may reduce the truck’s overall hauling capacity.

Inspection and Maintenance

As with any other crane rental, it is imperative to ask the rental company about their inspection and maintenance routine. Lattice booms especially are more prone to rusting, damaged lacings and cords, and cracked welds. Extreme care must be taken when storing unused sections, as well as when operating by preventing other equipment or obstacles from running into the boom. If you and your team are not properly trained or do not feel comfortable operating the equipment, make sure to find a construction rental equipment company that provides operated rentals with a highly trained team of experts.

Lattice boom truck cranes not only can lift substantial loads, but possess incredible versatility when in use. Capable of simultaneously lifting and maneuvering, transportation concerns and expenses are greatly reduced. Designed for efficient travel as well as set up, and known for its flexibility and reliability, consider this “go to” crane for your next project.

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