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Pulstar Manufacturing started as a very small company many years ago that specialized in manufacturing highly needed accessory items for drill rigs, pump hoists, mining equipment, etc. As the years went by, it was actually uranium mining equipment needs that were to start us on our inevitable path of heavy equipment manufacturing. Uranium mining is actually accomplished through both injection and recovery water wells. The miners in the United States were limited to using water well designed pump hoists, which were not near rigorous enough for stringent swabbing needs.

Pulstar Manufacturing, designed a pump hoist that afforded light weight, extensive pulling power, user-friendliness, and above all, top quality components allowing more power and speed than was seen on most commercial turbine rigs. This hoist was designed to work on a small 4x4 light truck, because of the mountainous terrain where the mining is done. These special pump hoists were worked rigorously 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. This type of machine demanded high tech hydraulics, high tech components, and precision welding and machining to stand the test. Exposure to these high tech mining pump hoists inevitably lead to normal pump installers having increased interest in Pulstar Pump Hoists. It was very hard, at first, to sell the hoists in a competitive sense. However, after a few short years, with more and more Pulstar hoists working everyday in the field, the word was out: Pulstar Hoists are premium equipment. Demand for product lead to the designing of (14) different models. Dollars and cents were no longer an issue to the customer. Sales took off drastically.

Pulstar Manufacturing started out in an 800 sq. ft. building. Pulstar currently has over 40, 000 sq ft of manufacturing space, app. 30, 000 square ft of warehouse storage, a parking facility that boasts several new trucks for potential customers, numerous employee vehicles, and several shop vehicles. The entire facility sits on a 20-acre tract of private ground. The manufacturing facility consists of several shop certified welders, PPG certified painters, machinists, assemblypersons, and other craftsmen.

The people at Pulstar have dedicated their lives to the water well industry. We have no other product to fall back on. Therefore, it is as important for us to offer the most premium equipment possible. Together, we ARE the TEAM.

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