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Northman Snow Plows

Western Products at Angelo's SuppliesOn this page you will find access to all the Western plow controls and wiring that we carry here at Angelos. It is intended that you can both shop and do some research regarding the available options and compatibility with your snow removal equipment set up. As always if you have any questions about a specific plow set up or what controls and wiring are right for you do not hesitate to get in touch with the Pros at Angelos by calling

Plow controls come in a few different standard options. The old standard bearer remains the cable control. This option is mechanically driven by the cables actually pulling and releasing to put your plow in position to work. The actual controllers have improved over the years from the common joystick and cable operated models to the newer floor mount electric powered joystick and all the way to the most advanced hand held remotes. Angelos does carry all three types and can supply these for Western snow plow set ups as well as other OEM applications.

Remember that if your current old style cable operated joystick is giving you trouble with accuracy and general operation it could likely be due to a worn out ball mount on the platen assembly or the cable is frayed or beginning to break. Luckily all of the parts for this single lever controller are inpidually replaceable. This includes the floor or dash mount brackets as well as the wiring and joystick. Click through below on your particular controller for a demonstration of the replacement options available. Never operate your plow with an inefficient joystick if you don't have to, please call the Pros at Angelos today to learn how you can easily upkeep your system for smooth and efficient operation.

Angelos also carries electronic hand held remotes with 4-button memory designed specifically for straight blade plows. This universal straight blade control is incredibly useful and utilizes a special 6 pin adaptor for the Western plow. The same controller can of course be utilized for OEM applications such as with the Fisher, Meyer, Diamond, Curtis, Arctic Snow Dog Northman, Blizzard and Hiniker plows by just changing the control adapter plug. Again, this hand held style remote is only compatible on straight blade plows so if you have any concerns about how it will integrate with your current snow removal equipment set up please do not hesitate to call Angelos today at 1-877-264-3652

Angelos can supply controls and wiring for all of the major Western snow plow mounts available including and not limited to MVP3, Ultra Mount, Ultra Mount 2, HTS, Prodigy, Pro Plow, Pro Plow Plus, Wide Out, Pro Plow Series 2, Mid-Weight, Suburbanite and MVP Plus. There are also many other OEM applications that can be utilized. The pros at Angelos have deep understanding and experience matching the right plow with the right controller system so as always if there are any concerns about how these parts will work with your rig please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling

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