Western Snow Plow Installation Instructions

Western Products at Angelo's SuppliesOn this page you will find access to all of the Western Hydraulic controls offered here at Angelos as well as instruction manuals to aid in installation or troubleshooting any issues you may be having with your Western Snow Removal Equipment. The first row of options includes links directly to the manuals. Further below you will find access to the product pages with the option to purchase parts or the entire hydraulic unit listed. As always if you need any specific information about a particular hydraulic unit, or just prefer to do your shopping by talking to a real person over the phone, please do not

The hydraulic system is of course responsible for raising and lowering your snow plow so you will want to make sure that it is operating at it's best during the busy winter season. If you run push your hydraulic unit without the proper maintenance it can be detrimental to your rig so be sure to consult the instruction manuals on this page. When troubleshooting hydraulic units always keep in mind a few key aspects. Number one is the oil, if you are experiencing issues check when the last time is that you changed your hydraulic oil for your rig. Automatic transmission fluid, Western brand hydraulic oil, or many other options are suitable, just be sure that you are on a regular maintenance schedule for changing out this very important fluid. Consult the individual manuals on this page for exact recommendations on the fluid that is suited for each respective unit. Additionally you will find instructions for the fill capacity, how to check the levels, and a recommend maintenance schedule for when the fluid should be changed both on a periodic basis and representative of your workload.

The different hydraulic units that are represented below will fill the needs of the entire Western product line. Cable control is available for older style plows. The flostat package is also listed for both the Unimount and the Ultra mount Western plow options. Additionally the MVP and MVP Plus are both serviced with parts located on this page. Continuing on the prodigy system is also represented here. Additionaly we do carry solenoid control units as well. We really do have all the parts you need to keep your Western Snow Removal Equipment running in tip top shape and we also have the expertise to offer you excellent product support. Remember that if you are unsure about any parts compatibility be sure to get on touch

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