List of Construction Equipment and tools

In addition to the regular college expenses, students entering the heavy equipment/truck & diesel technician curriculum must possess hand tools and uniforms. The cost of the required tools and tool box for the freshman year varies vastly depending on brand and place of purchase, but the typical range is between $2, 000 and $6, 000. In addition, the total cost for textbooks, personal protective equipment such as safety shoes, safety glasses, fire resistant jacket and uniforms is about $1, 800 for the two-year period. It is recommended that all tools and equipment be insured under the parents’ or the student’s homeowner’s insurance. Please verify coverage with your insurer.

Some of the necessary lab instruction will need to be performed on components/"bench units" that may be damaged beyond practical repair during the lab practice. Therefore, it is recommended that the components be acquired from salvage vehicles. These components include alternators, starters, and tandem master cylinders that can be purchased at an approximate cost of $20-$120*. Students will receive information about the identification and purchase/attainment of bench units from individual course instructors after arriving on campus.

Some of the required supply items that students accepted into the heavy equipment/truck & diesel technician curriculum need to furnish are not on the equipment lists. These items, such as welding rods, brake fluid, oils, etc. must be of a particular type and should not be purchased prior to arrival on campus. Again, after arriving on campus, students will receive information about the identification and purchase/attainment from individual course instructors at an approximate cost of $150* for the school year.

Students are required to have a valid driver’s license and a vehicle that can be used to perform lab practices on. Since the purpose of the vehicle Is to provide as much real-life, hands-on experience as possible, the vehicle should be relatively common (e.g., Ford, GM, Chrysler as opposed to Ferrari, Fiat, or Lotus), in good running order and a later model year for the following reasons:

• Reference material is usually more accurate and readily available for common vehicles.

• The possibility of us being able to provide the special tools that are sometimes required to complete the lab projects is more likely for common vehicles.

• Many of the lab projects require that the vehicle run and/or be drivable to complete them.

A vehicle with power windows and locks are highly recommended. Due to limited lab space, large vehicles such as limousines and quad-cab, long-box trucks, may be prohibited from the labs at the discretion of the instructor.

Some students do their required lab practice on the vehicles they drive every day, while other purchase inexpensive project vehicles (approximately $500 - $1500) to do their required lab projects on. The first year of instruction is primarily focused on common systems used on automotive, heavy equipment, and trucks, so all freshman year lab practices are performed on light duty vehicles. Gasoline engine operation, diagnosis, and repair are included, so the project vehicle should be equipped with a gasoline engine. It is not necessary that the vehicle be licensed or insured and there is ample parking provided for these vehicles.

If you have any questions, please contact the Automotive Trades Department, at 607-587-3117 or the Student Services Office at 607-587-3111.

*All costs calculated from a poll of current students.

Heavy Equipment, Truck and Diesel Technician Freshman Equipment List

The following items are to be furnished by each freshman. Please bring them with you when you begin classes. Tools are NOT available at the campus bookstore unless otherwise noted.

1/4" Square Drive Socket Set

  1. Six-point sockets (3/16 - 9/16")
  2. 4 - 14mm shallow and deep well socket sets
  3. Reversible ratchet
  4. 3" extension
  5. 6" extension

3/8" Square Drive Socket Set

  1. Sockets (3/8 - 3/4")
  2. Six-point deep well sockets (3/8 - 3/4")
  3. 8mm - 19mm shallow and deep well socket sets
  4. 10" extension
  5. Universal joint

1/2" Square Drive Socket Set

  1. 13 sockets (3/8 - 1 1/8")
  2. 10mm - 24mm shallow impact sockets
  3. 24" flex handle

Brakes & Suspension

  1. Narrow brake spoon
  2. Brake line double flare kit and ISO flare kit
  3. Tire gauge
  4. Tire valve core remover
  5. 6" brass or aluminum punch
  6. 3/8" torx socket set T15 - T55
  7. 1/2" drive torque wrench (max. 250 lb.)*
  8. 3/8" drive torque wrench (flex head, min. 5 lb.)
  9. Return and hold down spring tools

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