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ETR340-StandUp-ReachHow to Rent Narrow-Aisle & Powered Pallet Trucks

Renting a narrow aisle forklift or a pallet truck works hard to get your short-term or long-term projects done right and on-time. Our narrow aisle and pallet truck guide will help you to determine the best order picker, reach truck, stand up forklift, or pallet truck for your application, while answering many commonly asked questions in selecting the best narrow aisle forklift or pallet jack for the job.

Capacity/Forklift Truck Size

A narrow aisle forklift truck such as an order picker, reach truck and stand up counterbalanced truck is normally a replacement forklift truck due to a downed unit situation or an additional truck due to an influx in business. Determine what size forklift truck you are currently using. If your pallet size is larger than 48” x 48”, that may affect the load center which could also require a larger forklift truck than the actual weight you are picking. The higher you lift, the less capacity you will have so that should also be a consideration unless you are already putting lighter loads in the higher pallet locations.

Electric Pallet jacks are used for moving products from one point to another. It has a 6” lift height which is enough to lift a pallet off the floor for easy transportation. The normal pallet jack will have a capacity of 4, 500 and 6, 000 pounds and are normally walk behinds.ECR If you need a ride on unit, be specific when you fill out the pallet truck rental form.

Lifting Height

The lift height will be determined by measuring from the floor to the top of your highest beam, plus 6”. Narrow aisle trucks like the order picker, stand up truck and reach truck are often equipped with higher lifting masts which mean they will have higher overall down heights sometimes exceeding 120” or more. When ordering a narrow aisle truck, ensure that the down height available will fit through your doors, loading dock, entry ways and that they will clear any overhead obstructions.

Indoor or outdoor

Narrow Aisle forklift trucks such as order pickers, reach trucks and stand up riders are designed for indoor flat surface use only and are not used for going over dock plates to load and unload trucks due to the lower ground clearance. If you are looking for an outdoor 4 directional unit or any other specialized forklift truck, please have all the pertinent information available and call for availability.

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