Used CAT motor grader 140K

Used Cat Motor Grader

A Used Cat Motor Grader 140MLooking for a great grader to flatten a surface? Look no more than this used Cat 140M. Not only can it be used for construction but agricultural purposes as well.There are many construction expos that let you personally inspect the latest graders available in the market. They usually organize a motor grader for sale portion for potential buyers. Usually, a Cat motor grader comes equipped with a single blade in front, making them easily distinguishable (apart from the giant Cat logo plastered all over the machine, of course).

Many developing countries are rapidly growing and have a steady flow of huge projects coming in, so motor graders are now in high demand since virtually all projects need one.Because of this, owners look for a machine that can handle a lot of constant work. For them, a smooth and fully-leveled road done quickly means greater profits. Used for foundational work during a project’s initial phase, an effective grader ultimately leads to a smooth construction. This is why the 140M is the go to grader for many contractors.

The Cat 140M grader has 6 front gears and at least 4 reverse gears, achieving top speeds of 28mph and the highest grader reverse speed is 20 miles per hour. The built-in engine has hydraulic systems that helps the grader improve effectiveness and productivity while decreasing fuel consumption. By launching the M-series, Caterpillar has fulfilled its objective of fulfilling their customers’ needs.
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