Cone Crushers

We have a long history of developing cone crushers, and we understand how to give you the ultimate setup for maximum productivity and profitability.

Today we have thousands of cone crushers in operation around the world including the leading CS and CH cone crusher series. The knowledge we gain is passed on to you in the form of refinements and valuable advice.

Sandvik Cone Crusher Series – High performance, Low total cost

Our cone crushers are suitable for a wide range of applications, including quarrying, mining and tunneling. End products include aggregates for concrete, asphalt and railway ballast. Our CS and CH cone crusher series combine extremely high performance with low total cost.

Model Weight
kg / lb
Max feed size mm
Max motor
power kW No of Chambers 5300 /
11700 135 90 6 9200 /
20300 185 132 7 14300 /
31500 215 220 7 12500 /
27500 185 250 5 18400 /
40344 215 330 7 2420 /
53352 275 315 8 39710 / 275 500 4 38930 / 100 500 4 50000 / 110200 300 520 7 77000 / 169800 370 750 6 81000 / 178600 100 750 3 6800 /
15000 240 90 2 12000 /
26400 360 132 3 19300 /
42500 450 220 3 35700 /
78705 560 315 2

CS and CH Cone Crusher Series

The CS and CH cone crusher series provides all the options you need to perform high performance work. With hydraulically adjusted CSS, the option of automation (included in the new generation of cone crushers CH540 and CH550), a choice of several different crushing chambers, and many other high-performance features, these crushers are versatile, user-friendly and give high productivity.

Our Hydrocone™ technique enables you to run your crusher at maximum performance levels under changing feed conditions without overloading the cone crusher. Together with our automatic control system (ASRi), it gives you a cone crusher that safely maximizes uptime.

Why choose a Sandvik Construction stationary cone crusher?

We're proud of the high-quality equipment and tools that we provide for the construction industry, and over the years we've built a reputation as a company that is committed to performance. We want businesses to enjoy increased productivity thanks to our products, and that's why we offer an unrivalled support service, helping you choose the right tools for your needs and even providing any assistance that you require after your purchase. If you would like to know more details about Sandvik Construction or any of our products then please don't hesitate to get in touch today.

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