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Used Knuckle Booms

Staying safe while working with equipment such as used Hiab knuckleboom trucks should be a prime concern for all businesses that use them. There are many ways these trucks can become damaged or cause injury to operators, so using all safety gear is essential. Where the truck itself is concerned, a frequently overlooked safety feature is the outriggers, which are available on crane or boom trucks to keep them from falling over when the crane or boom arm is extended and in use. It is vital when working with used knuckleboom trucks found for sale that outriggers be used correctly every time.

The Purpose of Outriggers

Outriggers are extendable ‘legs’ that prevent work vehicles from tipping or flipping over when the crane or boom arm is extended and in use. Outriggers are a mandatory safety feature on new or used knuckleboom trucks, bucket trucks as well as other similar work vehicles. There is a real danger when any of these trucks are used, since any shift in weight can disturb a truck’s center of gravity and cause it to become unbalanced. At the very least, a crane that has flipped over can cause extensive damage to the vehicle itself. At its worst, lives can be lost. The solution is simple – outriggers must be used when any new or used knuckleboom truck is working.

Manual and Mechanical Outriggers

Since the introduction of outriggers, there has been much progress in terms of type and maneuverability beginning with the manual, pullout style to today’s computer-maneuvered, hydraulic version. It is recommended that anyone looking to purchase even the best used Hiab or other type of knuckleboom trucks for sale, look at the vehicle’s outriggers and try to find newer trucks with more advanced technology whenever possible. Even though the manual type outrigger still does a fine job and is better than not having any outriggers, the fact remains that electronically-controlled outriggers are easier and faster to safely position on uneven terrain. These newer outriggers can also be installed on a used knuckleboom truck; however, if at all possible, a company should select newer, safer vehicles that are already outfitted with better outriggers.

Proper Adjustment is Critical

Operators of heavy-duty work trucks must understand that unless outriggers are properly adjusted, they do not provide the necessary support. Therefore, manual, pull-out, and hand-adjusted types can only be used on a fairly flat surface, as they are very difficult to adjust any other way. Hydraulic, computer-controlled outriggers can be programmed to set themselves once they are lowered and come in contact with the ground. This makes them more valuable since they can be used on uneven surfaces and there is much less room for error since the outriggers set themselves in the right position. This is another strong point for purchasing any type of used Hiab or other knuckleboom truck with a more advanced outrigger setup.

Regardless of what type of outriggers are used on work trucks, they are worthless if they are not used. When operating any type of equipment such as used knuckleboom trucks, an operator must comply with company and OSHA rules by using all of their safety equipment, including outriggers. A flipped truck is something no company ever wants to deal with, and the use of outriggers is what helps prevent that!

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