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Crane CertificationBoom truck operators in precast plants may have been given a three-year extension when OSHA delayed its certification deadline to 2017. But that doesn’t mean state agencies are waiting until 2017 to require that boom truck operators pass a certification exam. If you’re working at a plant in California, for example, you need to be certified by an accredited testing agency right now. Other states have different requirements, setting up a patchwork of regulation between now and 2017.

The rule, “29CFR 1926.1400CC, Cranes and Derricks in Construction, ” had been scheduled to go into effect this fall, but OSHA delayed it for further study after, “A number of parties raised concerns about the qualification/certification requirements, ” according to an OSHA media release. In the meantime, states are free to implement their own deadlines for requiring certification of crane operators. NPCA has posted a list of state-by-state certification requirements in the Safety section of

For more information, contact Evan Gurley, NPCA Technical Services Engineer by email ([email protected]) or at (800) 366-7731.

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