Ride on tractor and Loader

Tractor and Loader

Most of the ingredients mixed by mixerwagons at smaller dairyfarms are loaded by tractors with a frontloader. This might end soon, according to dairy farmer Lars Rasmussen (Denmark). In the summer of 2013, he invested in a new Giant wheelloader with boom. Now the machine has taken over all loading activities on the farm. ‘It was not our intention to completely replace the tractor, but it simply did a lot better job in loading activities’.

Compact with high reach

‘We were looking for a new machine for loading the mixerwagon, especially when our tractor was being used a lot for field work. That’s when we realized a compact loader would fill in our needs. Also, the loader is compact and handy in our old stables where we hold our calves’, says Lars Rasmussen.

‘We were immediately convinced this was the best solution. Not only is the loader smaller than the tractor, the loading height is higher than our Case IH Puma 155 with Quicke loader.’

When the tractor is compared to the compact loader, fuel efficiency is one the most outstanding advantages; per hour, the Giant uses up to 1.8 gallons of fuel less. ‘The tractor consumes up to 2.6 gallons of fuel per hour during loading work, while the Giant loader uses 0.8 gallons doing the same job’, explains Lars Rasmussen. If he decides to use the compact loader instead of his tractor, he will save 3300 dollars in fuel every year. Lars uses his compact loader about 1 hour a day.

Easy to operate

Emil Rasmussen points out the advantages of the Giants joystick, where all the loading arm functions are integrated. ‘Everything is controlled using the same joystick, so it’s fast and easy to handle.’

Loading ingredients

Loading the ingredients into the mixer is a task done much faster when using the compact loader. Because of the high maneuverability, the Giant loader can make quick turns. Combine this with high speed, and transporting commodities, ingredients and other products is a job done fast and smooth. Added to this is the compact loaders excellent, 360 degree visibility.

‘The Giant loaders’ 3.8 tons service weight is relatively low when you take in account it can lift 2.0 tons. We can easily run with two big bales on the loader without losing control of the machine’.

1200 hours per year

‘We use this machine a lot, we put 600 hours on it within a half year’, says Lars Rasmussen. ‘We load about 14 tons every day. We could never imagine it, but we are very pleased with it and it takes a great deal of work away from the tractor. You know the days of the frontloader tractors are numbered, once you’ve tried Giants’ compact loader with telescopic boom. The compact loader gives us economic benefit and makes our daily life easier’, Rasmussen explains.

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