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Caterpillar® wheel loader / rubber tire loader scoops up a load of rip rapHulcher maintains a fleet of rubber-tired Caterpillar® wheel loaders (or rubber tire loaders), with models ranging from the Caterpillar® 966 to the Caterpillar® 988.

One of the more versatile pieces of equipment in our inventory, the wheel loader is used for Mechanical / Railroad Services, Track Maintenance / Maintenance of Way / Engineering Services, Environmental Services, Transfer / Load Adjustment Services, Maintenance Services and Disaster Response.

Caterpillar® wheel loader / rubber tire loader works with excavators to move a stretch of track.The rubber tire loader can move and load large quantities of rocks, dirt or other materials quickly and effectively. Many of our wheel loaders have an optional fork attachment to increase their capabilities.

The wheel loader serves a variety of engineering roles. It is used to cut and grade soil on the right-of-way or as part of road construction.Caterpillar® wheel loader / rubber tire loader at a rail yard. It is also used to load dump trucks with refuse materials or ballast as part of grade stabilization or other MOW projects. The rubber tire loader is frequently used to replace switches or track panel, and to drop in fresh ballast when the rail pieces have been positioned.

The wheel loader also performs hurricane / storm / tornado response, flood response and post-derailment work, cleaning coal or other materials and prepping the right-of-way for new track panel.

The rubber tire loader is perfectly designed for a wide range of services, including:

Anyone who has worked with railroad contractors knows that the most important part of an excavator is the person at the stick, the operator. Hulcher’s operators are railroad specialists. They have received training in railroad applications, are current in safety and security certification requirements for all Class I railroads, and have spent years perfecting their craft in maintenance-of-way environments.With their extensive railroad experience, our operators can work seemlessly with your rail gangs or bridge crews.

Often deployed with dump trucks, hi-rail rotary dump trucks, excavators or sidebooms, the wheel loader can work independently or in support of rail gangs as well.

Hulcher Engineering Services Case Study - Railroad Crossing Construction Case Study - #15 Switch Change Case Study - #20 Switch Change Case Study - Grade Stabilization Project Restores Safety, Speed to Saturated Right-of-Way

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