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The golden squirrel is the keeper of the treasury of the legendary kings. She always protected the treasure and honestly did her job, but once she had to deal with magic. The sorcerer bewitched the crystals stored in the treasury, and they, having built up in a chain, floated into the temporary portal. Fluffy animal does not intend to surrender, help the hero to return all the gems back to the Zuma vault!

The game is dynamic from the very first levels, so you need to quickly learn how to shoot down crystals and not too rely on bonuses - they do not often fall out. Look at what color a pebble holds in its paws a golden squirrel. Now pay attention to the crystals sliding along the path and find among them, the same color group as the core. Throw a pebble at the target given that the snake crawls fast enough. If after your shot turned out a group of 3 or more monochrome elements, it will disappear. Your account in Zuma will increase.

Due to the high speed of movement of the snake, it is not enough for you to simply knock out monochrome groups, you also need to learn how to collect combos. To do this, you should look out for precious stones of one color, between which there are crystals of another. Shoot need precisely for those elements that are located between monochrome groups. Build a combo game and then you will be able to reach the last level! You can play Mahjong Slide here free for online.

The golden squirrel from Zuma has special items for war with sorcerer magic. They appear right among the crystals and are marked with special signs. When a bonus element is found, try to knock it down with the core. You can count on an increase in points for the crystals removed from the chain, if you managed to get hold of a prize marked x2, x3. This bonus is valid for a few seconds. You can also get a ray-pointer for the exact game, slowing down and stop the dance.

Help the brave guys in the form of a good dinner, going into the game Zuma! In order for the police to have a bite, it is necessary to shoot down colored donuts with the help of kernels and a slingshot. Look at the color of the pastry in the throwing device. Find among the moving donuts the same color and throw the core into that group. If the rounders end up with 3 or more and they all stand together, then the whole segment will disappear, and you will get points to the account.

The police are in a hurry for a snack, so the ribbon with donuts is moving faster and faster. If the snacks are in the package that is at the end of the path, then this level in Zuma will have to be replayed. In order to prevent the failure of the mission, try to make more combos. In the chain there will be donuts, the colors of which alternate: pink, blue, pink or maybe any other repetition. In this section it is necessary to remove the blue products so that the pink ones close and disappear. Also, to win the game requires bonuses. Prize are those donuts that have special marks. Shoot them as soon as they appear on the landing and the police will get help for a snack.

The most common type of bonuses in Zoom is an increase in points by 2 and 3 times. As long as the prize is valid, shoot quickly and then each score will be increased. To donuts moved to the package slowly, knock out a circle with an icon where there are arrows. If you are in a critical situation, and the game is about to end in loss, then you need a stop bonus. The whole chain, when this prize is activated, stops, and you get the opportunity to quickly shoot back. The supercart is a great bonus for those who are hard to hit. A long arrow will point exactly to the desired area, and you would not be wrong!

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