Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant

Batch mixing plant


  • Can batch up to 15.5 yd³ of 12" slump concrete without spillage
  • Can mix 1" slump concrete at 100% mixing capacity
  • Shorter mixing time made possible due to a unique blade arrangement
  • Fewer moving parts lead to a reduction in maintenance
  • Desired concrete slump is easily obtained with motor's power reading
  • Rapid discharge at variable speed
  • Parts available locally


  • Telescopic and dry batch chutes
  • Dust collector
  • 2 × 3 hp emergency motors (connected to your generator, enabling you to unload during a power failure)

This high-capacity reversing drum mixer does not tilt. It rotates forward at full speed for charging and mixing and reverses rotation at variable speed for discharging. The RollMaster® is especially dedicated to the ready mix concrete industry. The RollMaster® optimizes loading, mixing, unloading, and cleaning. The reversing drum mixer is mainly designed for large capacity concrete plants.

  • Can support a dry concrete slump of 0 mm or more
  • Short mixing time
  • Compact design
  • High pressure automatic washing system
  • Batch or continuous production
  • Wide range of continuous models ranging from 1m³ to 14m³
  • Powerful mechanics
  • Automatic lubrication System
  • Manual or automatic washing system
  • Custom cover
  • Independent hydraulic unit for quick door opening (batch mixer)
  • Durable tank wear plates and mixing arms (610 HB cast iron)
  • Low maintenance

The twin shaft mixing system is composed of two synchronized horizontal axes allowing for better homogeneity of the concrete mixture. This mixing movement can produce a wide variety of concrete consistencies.

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