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The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) has been actively involved in responding to citizen complaints regarding the Coventry asphalt plants located at 75 Airport Road in Coventry, RI, specifically Pasteryak Asphalt and T. Miozzi (collectively, the "Coventry Asphalt Plants"). This website provides information and updates regarding the Coventry Asphalt Plants for 2013.

Inquiries about the Coventry Asphalt Plants can be made by emailing them to the DEM at Complaints may be placed by calling the Office of Compliance and Inspection during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm) at 222-1360. After hour and holiday complaints may be placed by calling 222-3070.

Interested parties are encouraged to periodically check the DEM Coventry Asphalt Plants webpage for information regarding investigations. It should be noted that the DEM does not regulate hours of operation, noise, steam emissions, piles of used asphalt or concrete, vehicular traffic patterns, exhaust odors from non-idling diesel trucks and/or asphalt odors emanating from asphalt laden trucks traveling from the site.


In 2012, the DEM received over 150 air related complaints lodged against the Coventry Asphalt Plants. As a result of these complaints, over 40 separate site investigations were conducted with no violations of applicable air pollution violations observed. Complaints were predominately emission-related, but included odor and fugitive dust complaints as well as other complaints regarding other environmental media including hazardous waste, solid waste, and water pollution. The town of Coventry has hired an environmental consultant for the purpose of conducting testing to determine potential impacts of the Coventry Asphalt Plants with the surrounding neighborhoods. This study is expected to commence in 2013.

Action Plan:

For 2013, the DEM has committed to implementing a multi-media action plan which includes inspections and monitoring involving multi-media regulatory personnel. A link to the action plan may be found on the left hand margin.

2013 Inspections:

The DEM conducted inspections at the Coventry Asphalt Plants on the following dates:

  • (OC&I-Air) Pasteryak and T. Miozzi 10:45 to 11:20am (no violations)
  • (OC&I-Air) Pasteryak and T. Miozzi 10:45 to 12:30pm (no violations)

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