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How to Operate a Wheel Loader?

How to Operate a Wheel LoaderA wheel loader is a machine with a variety of uses, including moving heavy material around and scooping up dirt or gravel. However, a wheel loader is a heavy duty machine, and it can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. With a little knowledge and time to get a feel for the machine, you can learn to operate a wheel loader within 30 minutes. While the exact operation instructions vary depending on the wheel loader, they tend to follow these steps.

Perform a Safety Check

Before you even get in the wheel loader, you should make sure it's safe to operate. Check the inflation level of all four tires. Open the hood and check the engine oil and coolant levels. Once you operate the wheel loader regularly, you don't have to check these every time, just periodically. Perform an inspection of the area where you plan to drive the wheel loader to check for any possible hazards. For example, a large hole could cause the wheel loader to become stuck or even tip over. Running over a power box creates an electrical hazard.

Start the Wheel Loader

Climb into the wheel loader's cockpit and fasten the seat belt. Check out all the controls, and make sure you know what everything does. If you have the owner's manual, bring it with you and use it to familiarize yourself with the controls. Put the gear selector in neutral, put the key in the ignition, and turn on the wheel loader. Give the engine a couple minute to warm up.

Drive Forward

The brake pedal on a wheel loader is also usually the clutch, which you use to shift gears. Press it down and put the gear selector in first gear. Press the gas pedal down to start driving forward. When you need to shift up or down, follow the same steps. As you drive, tilt the steering wheel left or right when you need to turn. While you're learning, don't use too much pressure on the pedals or twist the steering wheel too suddenly. Instead, use gentle movements so you remain in full control of the machine.

Reverse the Wheel Loader

Bring the wheel loader to a complete stop and put the gear selector in the neutral position. Pull the gear selector backwards to drive the wheel loader in reverse. Check what's behind the wheel loader before you do so. Depending on the wheel loader, you may pull the gear selector back the entire time, or shift into reverse and use the gas pedal.

Operate the Bucket

Wheel loaders have a bucket attachment on the front that the operator controls. Practice using the bucket by grabbing the bucket lever, which is typically located next to the seat. Pull back on the lever to raise the bucket and press it forward to lower it. Move that lever right to tilt the bucket upward, and move it left to tilt the bucket downward. Using these controls, you can lower the bucket, pick something up, raise the bucket, and tilt it upward to secure the load.

How to Buy Wheel Loaders on eBay

On eBay, you can find a variety of wheel loader models and accessories. Start with a keyword search, which you can do from any page on the site with the search bar at the top. When you have your results, use the search filters on the left to narrow it down to the most relevant items. Find out more about an item by clicking its link.

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