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I have been laying bricks for nearly 8 years now. When i first picked up a trowel i didn't have a clue how to use it, the people who were supposed to be teaching me were too busy with their own work so for a few months i struggled along trying to get better on my own. That was until one day when i spent the afternoon learning off someone who actually wanted to teach me, who wanted to pass on the basic techniques. After that day my confidence soared and I haven't looked back since. In this hub i will try to pass on the basics of laying bricks as well as how to mix cement and good beginner tools to buy. Some of it from what i learnt on that day and the rest is what i picked up myself. I'll try to make it relatively short and as simple as possible as i know from experience that some of the lingo can sound like mumbo jumbo if you are new to it.

Tools to buy

The tools you will need to build the project at the end of the hub:

  • A brick trowel
  • A spirit level
  • A jointing bar
  • A tape measure
  • Line and pins
  • A soft brush

The best trowel to buy in my opinion is a Marshall Town one. They are long lasting and normally cost around £25. If you aren't planning on doing that much brickwork then you can pick them up for a lot cheaper from builders yards and DIY retail stores. I think the lowest i've seen is around £6. Any make will do if you aren't looking for longevity. I personally would always go for a plastic handle than a wooden one though. I started with an 11 inch trowel which always served me well so i would also recommend that particular size.

For a spirit level look no further than German manufacturers Stabila. Like Marshall town they are pricier than other makes but that's because you are paying for a quality level. A 5ft level could cost you as little as £30 or as high £80 depending on how durable you want it to be. If you want something a bit cheaper but still of very good quality then i would recommend a Stanley level. I personally would never buy a really cheap level (under £10). If you're level is wrong, your work is wrong. It just isn't worth it.

A jointing bar is what finishes your brickwork off. Marshall town or Footprint is the way to go with this one. The american and English manufacturers (respectively) do make some excellent tools. You should be looking at between £7-£12 for a good jointer. Again you can get them cheaper but it depends whether you want to use more than a few times.

Your tape measure doesn't have to be anything special. Pick one up for a couple of quid/ dollars from your nearest store.

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