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Curb Roller

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The CurbRoller: The best concrete curb machine, period!

If you know concrete, then you know just how difficult it can be to properly shape a concrete curb. With the uniform shape that it requires combined with a lack of sharp edges, it can be near to impossible with anyone less than an experienced concrete worker, a person that is not always available when you need them. So if this problem sounds familiar to you, then you need to know that there is a different way. CurbRoller Manufacturing is proud to offer the best concrete curb machine on the market.

With its innovative design and easy to grasp design, the CurbRoller is the roller screed that anyone can operate. Its form guaranteed a uniform, smooth curb shape every time without the need of an experienced operator. In fact, with minimal training, anyone who can lift the CurbRoller can start forming perfect curbs in no time flat. That is what makes us confident that you will not find a better screed machine anywhere, guaranteed!

So if the thought of shaping a curb has you down and you don't feel like searching high and low for an expert that charges expert prices, give the CurbRoller a try today


  • It really does a great job finishing and saves labor by simply taking the hand work out of it. We really end up with great looking curb and gutter. Doug Strahm - Liberal, Missouri
  • The Curb Roller provides me with 3 things: mobility, efficiency and high quality finish. Les Boeckner - ADVANTAGE CONCRETE - Hiawatha, Kansas
  • The Curb Roller is great for small to medium sized projects. It increases efficiency and consolidation. Mike Henstein - Ground Tech - Minnesota
  • Our company has owned a Curb Roller for more than 4 years. It is a very critical tool for our company. The thing that we like most is uniformity (consistency). It is a machine that we can take a 5 man crew to a job and pour 800 ft in one day. Tim Chesnut - Falls City, Nebraska
  • CurbRoller is a tested and proven product. The first one I own has been used for 5 years and has done between 45, 000 and 48, 000 lineal ft of curbs. I am now the proud owner of 3 CurbRollers. I would recommend it to anyone, even if you have a slip form machine, in tight areas and radius. Roni Steed - Gillette, WY

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