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Crane Trucks, Used Crane TrucksVarious sizes of cranes are essential equipment in both construction work, utility work, and many other industries. They can also be a dangerous piece of equipment when not used carefully and properly. One concern that crane truck operators deal with are how to work best with blind spots. When these new or used crane trucks are operated by one or more workers, there are always blind spots that make operation a more challenging and time-consuming job. To remedy this problem, some companies are incorporating visual surveillance with the use of small video cameras that provide a real hoist-eye view of the action.

Visual Problems While Operating Cranes

Whether lifting with a full-sized, heavy industrial crane or smaller crane trucks, the limitations are the same. Visually, there are always areas around where crane trucks are being used that lift operators cannot see and are known as blind spots. Until recently, new and used crane truck operators have relied on other operators to act as their eyes for them and communicate via hand signals. Yet even with multiple signalers to help, signals can be misconstrued and a job may take longer than if the crane truck operators had better visibility.

Improve Visual Efficiency with Video Cameras

ideo cameras can be placed either on tripod stands in strategic places on the ground or right on the crane hoist itself at a work site and have become a useful addition to all kinds of industrial crews. These cameras provide the missing visuals that crane operators need, helping them easily and accurately lift and move a wide variety of loads without the dangers associated with crane operation.

How Crane Cameras Work

Crane cameras affixed to the hoist improve an operator’s view by providing an actual look at their load and the surrounding area. These wireless, battery-powered cameras can be conveniently positioned in various places on the crane, including the hoist, boom, and jib. They feed a live video stream to the operator, proving a clear view of the load. Cameras can magnetically attach to cranes be quickly repositioned as necessary for greater efficiency. Some cameras have been designed to offer a 360-degree view of the lift area, which allows new or used crane truck operators to lift with confidence.

Although they are especially useful with larger, heavy duty industrial cranes, even operators of smaller crane trucks are finding important benefits when using crane cameras. Better visibility increases safety in smaller areas; places where crane trucks must be operated in busier conditions; and in locations when time matters. All of these conditions are typical when new or used crane trucks are used, making accidents more feasible. While all other safety precautions must still be taken when operating a crane truck, placing crane cameras on crane trucks can help work crews operate their units more safely and efficiently than ever before!

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