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If you are in need of a crane truck – or multiple crane trucks – then you’ll find few options that are better than those available here at Amthor International. We are the biggest and most diverse tanker truck manufacturer in the country for a reason – we focus on meeting the needs of every […]

When you’re looking for new fuel tankers, you’ll want to buy them from a manufacturer that prioritizes function and safety over all else. That’s exactly what you can expect out of our line of fuel tankers here at Amthor International. But what makes our fuel tankers particularly special is the fact that we provide a […]

If you need fuel tankers for your business, then there’s no better place to turn than Amthor International. Safety and function should be two of your top priorities when searching for high quality fuel tankers, and they are two of our priorities as well when it comes to building them. Our Amthor International Fuel Tankers […]

Waste oil trucks are tanker trucks that are designed for the specific purpose of picking up waste oils, such as yellow grease, brown grease and motor oils. If you’re in need of waste oil tanker trucks, you’ll want to purchase them from a company that provides a number of customization options to ensure that your […]

If you need to transport large amounts of water for your business, no matter what your business may be, you’re going to need a water tanker – and there’s no better place to get just what you need than here at Amthor International. Here at Amthor International, we provide a wide variety of options so […]

Butch and Brian Amthor discuss the foundation that their business is based on: family. As a fourth generation family owned business, Amthor International knows the ups and downs of working closely with family.

Toilet Truck | Amthor International The portable toilet industry is one that is consistently stable. Businesses always need portable toilets for their outdoor events. Some businesses need portable toilets for their workers – for example, construction businesses. Either way, if you’re in the portable toilet industry, you’re going to need toilet trucks in order to […]

Tanker Truck | Amthor International If you need a tanker truck, then you’ll have a large selection of different types of tanker trucks to choose here at Amthor International. We are a fourth generation company that can meet your tanker truck needs no matter what they are. Not only do we have floor models of […]

Vacuum Truck | Amthor International Vacuum trucks are a type of tank truck that boast heavy duty vacuum pumps. This allows you to load all kinds of substances, including liquids, solids or sludge, through the vacuum pump’s suction lines. Most vacuum pumps use rotary vane vacuum pumps. Here at Amthor International, we provide our clients with […]

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