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Crane Trucks in BC

This list is a tool to help you make contact with a training provider near you. These providers have been asked the following questions:

  • Are you a registered employer with WorkSafeBC?
  • Do you instruct to the standards defined by the BC Association for Crane Safety and WorkSafeBC?
  • Do your courses teach thorough knowledge of the WorkSafeBC OHS standards and regulations?
  • Can your trainers / courses prepare students for the crane theory exam?
  • Can your trainers / courses prepare students for the crane practical assessment?
  • Do you do ‘on equipment’ training or only classroom / theory training?
  • Will you travel out of town to do training and if so, to what areas?

College of New Caledonia, Mackenzie Campus
Mobile Hydraulic Crane 80 tonnes and under
more info

Bigfoot Crane Company
Mobile Hydraulic, Folding Boom and Stiff Boom Truck, Tower and Self-Erect Tower Cranes
more info

IUOE Local 115 Training Association
Conventional Mobile Lattice Friction, Mobile Hydraulic, Stiff Boom Truck and Tower Cranes
more info

Leavitt Machinery
Mobile Hydraulic, Folding Boom and Stiff Boom Truck, Self-Erect Tower Cranes and Rigging
more info

NOTE: The BCACS is in no way connected to the listed training providers. BCACS does not endorse or make any recommendations for any of these training providers.

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