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On site concrete Mixing trucks

Ready Mix concrete available with suppliers are Like the Food made in Hotel and Site Mix Concrete is Like the Food from Our Home.

Advantages of using Ready Mix Concrete .

Works can be completed in fast track mode and Ready Mix is a solution for work sites having less open area to store materials to prepare Site Mix Concrete.For the Projects near the roads having Heavy Traffic and don't have sufficient space for Storage of Materials and Equipments required for lifting concrete, it is better to go for Ready Mix. Doing concrete work in late night will clear the problem of heavy traffic and non availability of space . That is the main reason of using Ready Mix for Fly Over, Over Bridge & Metro rail Bridges. If we are using Site Mix Concrete of 100Cum quantity, it will take 16 hours to complete the work . But with ready mix we can complete it within 8 to 9hours. For transporting 100Cum of Concrete 17 nos of Ready Mix transporting Trucks will come (Each Truck will bring 6 Cum of concrete, Concrete made with 40 bags of Cement )

Quality of Ready Mix.

In any type of Concrete ( Ready Mix or Site Mix ) there should be 50% to 60% of 20mm size Stone aggregate. Remaining 50% to 40% Stone aggregate can be 20mm down size to get the strength mentioned in the books of Bureau of Indian Standards ( I.S Code& national Building Code Book). But all Ready Mix companies are using only a maximum of 30% 20mm size Stone aggregate to safe guard their concrete Pump from Chocking. They all are adding more water than the required quantity to speed up the Concrete Pumping . This Excess water and Less quantity of 20mm size Stone will reduce the Design Strength & actual strength of Concrete used.

Precautions to get Good Quality Ready Mix Concrete.

( A) Quality of River sand / Robo Sand / Rock sand used in concrete.

( B) Quality & Quantity of 20mm & 20mm down size Stone aggregate.

(C) Chemical added in concrete to delay the setting time to reach the project sites far from Mixing Plant.

( D ) Chemical added in concrete to increase workability .

( E ) Quality of cement used in concrete. Only OPC 33grade, OPC 43 grade and OPC 53 grade should be used for all works of High Rise Buildings except flooring PCC and Plastering .

(F ) The distance from project site to Ready Mix Plant.

( G) Whenever we are receiving the Ready mix concrete, Stop it near the entry gate for Checking the water content through Slum Test and Keep one of our man in the mixing plant to verify the quality of all materials using. We can reject the trucks carrying concrete failed in Our Testing.

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