Manhole Cutters
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Stehr - Manhole Cutters
The Stehr Manhole Cutter system can be your professional tool for use in...
The vertical cutting edges of a diamond core bit leave an overly smooth edge, not effective for rejoining of asphalt surfaces. Stehr has perfected creating a rough edge upon cutting, which causes the materials to create a permanent solid bond less likely to separate over time.
Diamond cutter heads are extremely expensive; whereas, Stehr products are much more affordable. Diamond heads are also susceptible to breakage and premature wear, especially if they should come in contact with soils and gravels- could completely destroy a diamond cutter head upon first usage. According to the many who use our cutter teeth, the average life runs between 50 and 100 cuts, depending upon the surface and the user. The carbide tips are replaced quickly and cheaply unlike expensive diamond heads. Some customers report an average tooth-life between 50 and 100 cuts, depending upon the surface and the user; 30-40 cuts in a conservative estimate.
Our manhole cutter provides a dry cut process; there is no water necessary. Water used by diamond cutting methods can soften sub-grade soils and create slurries that are hard to remove and expensive to dispose of. Environmental contamination is a very large issue when dealing with the clean up of city streets.
Surface repaving and repair
New road construction
Adjusting or restoring manhole covers
Weight of base unit:
2,205 lbs
Cutter Head Sizes:
15.7" - 55.9"
Cutting Depth:
8,850 ft.lbs
Hydraulic Requirements:
Stehr Model SKF 950 XL
2,900 psi
Oil Bleed Pressure:
max. 1 bar (14.5 psi)
Prior to milling and repaving operations, existing manhole covers are normally cut out and removed or lowered. This allows for the unobstructed movement of the milling and paving machines. With the Stehr manhole cutter, up to 15 manholes per hour can be cut with only one operator.
A steel plate is usually placed over the manhole cone and left in place until all paving operations are completed. The manholes are then cut out a second time to replace the castings to the new finish elevations. Again, the Stehr manhole cutter will save hours of back-breaking labor encountered with jack hammers. The savings in worker’s compensation claims alone can be staggering!
Average cutting times are about 1 minute per inch of depth in asphalt. The carbide-tipped cutter teeth have a life span of about 40 cuts and can be replaced quickly and economically.
Until now, manhole castings that needed to be replaced or repaired due to frost damage, settlement or the results of extreme traffic, had to be cut loose by the use of tiresome and expensive labor. It took several hours to complete one single unit. The cost for equipment, labor and traffic control were extremely high. With the Stehr manhole cutter, the production on this type of repair work is increased significantly. Again, back injuries are reduced dramatically.
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Must have both high-flow and low-flow systems; must work simultaneously. High flow requirement = 26.42 gals/min minimum. If the machine is high flow only - there is a splitter available for certain models. If the machine is low flow only - machine cannot be used or adapted for use.
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